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Dan The Sound Man Gauvin – the Sound of the Park Theatre

As close to a lifelong Cranston resident as he can be, Dan Gauvin, owner of danosound inc., shares a passion for both Cranston and the arts.

“My family all moved to Cranston when I was nine years old. I grew up on Chestnut Ave with one parent. As a kid I enjoyed hanging out down the street on Lexington Ave with my best friend at that time and we both enjoyed music,” said Gauvin.

In 2005 he met and was then hired by Pi Patel to design and install an elaborate AV system for one of his many projects. Throughout the years he did a fair amount of custom work for Mr. Patel.

“One day he called me to his office and told me he’s retained the “Park Theatre” in Cranston. My heart went “Boom” and my mind tumbled back immediately to my adolescence. I remember my first kiss being in the Park Theatre. Growing up all of my friends and I would often go see movies there and it is a true staple to our Cranston community,” he said.

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